What is Brent Walkers background?

Born and raised in Cincinnati, Brent Walker is a second-generation homebuilder. He attended Vanderbilt University, where he earned an Engineering degree. He returned home and worked for his father’s building company. Since 2012, he’s been the president of Walker Homes.

What is the difference between a production builder and custom builder?

A production builder offers a set number of floorplans and options, with little opportunity to customize. A custom builder may offer a library of floor plans, which clients can customize, or they may allow clients to build entirely from scratch.

How long does the average building process last?

The pre-construction process (site search, site inspection, permits) is usually around three months. Construction (from bulldozer to completion) is usually around seven month. So in total, at least 10 months from concept to completion.

Does Walker Homes have a designer on staff?

Yes. Our in-house designer works with our homebuyers throughout the building process. They accompany homebuyers to vendors, assisting with selections. They also coordinate the meetings that take place during construction. We also have a Design Center opening soon!

Can Walker Homes offer financing?

We can handle financing, from construction loans to traditional loans. It’s usually whatever works best for each buyer. We have preferred lenders that we recommend for various loan products.

How does the selection process work?

Once we have a floor plan, the designer has several meetings with the homebuyer. Usually selections proceed from exteriors to kitchen, then to the rest of the home.

What is the range of cost per square foot?

Usually the range is $160 to $300 per square foot. We generally advise that it’s going to be around $200 per square foot for a Walker Luxury Home.

Does Walker Homes offer house plans to start the design process?

We have a portfolio of existing plans that buyers can draw from. They can choose a variety of options, customizing the home however they like. Every Walker home is truly unique.

Will Walker Homes build on our lot?

Yes. Or on our lot. Or we’ll find you a lot!

Will Walker Homes allow us to supply products like appliances?

No. We have vendors that we trust and have worked with for years.

Who will be our daily contact person?

We have two full-time field supervisors who are the day-to-day contacts. They establish preferred lines of communication for each project, whether that’s via phone or email.

What makes Walker Homes different than other builders?

We strive to make your experience enjoyable from the very first time you meet with us. Our unique, adaptable portfolio of plans is very distinctive, as is the way we get to know our clients and communicate with them. We have the best craftsmen in the region, and the best quality construction. Overall, we believe we offer the best homebuilding experience in the region.